What They Say

I have had the pleasure of knowing Damian Norman for over 15 years. I first met Damian when I was 19 years old. One night while at "Barry T's" a nightclub in Edmonton I mustered up the courage to go chat with the DJ. I asked him "so how do you get into this business?" His reply was "would you like to find out?" Damian welcomed me into his DJ booth and I never looked back. In the following years the skills that I learned would allow me to have great success by DJing some of the largest and most prestigious rooms in Edmonton, and to start my own business here in Edmonton, Encore Professionasl DJ's.

Damian is far more then a DJ or an MC. He is an entertainer, an advertiser, a comedian and a teacher. He has a unique ability to bring energy to a room and has talents that far surpass an ordinary DJ.


As everyone knows, planning a wedding, and wanting every aspect of the wedding to run perfectly, can be a very stressful time. After a long search, we hired Damian to DJ at our wedding. What allowed us to be confident in making this decision was all of the wonderful feedback we got from clients who had worked with Damian in the past. What originally attracted me to him was his warm and engaging personality. Not only did he act in a very professional manner, but he was always very accessible in the times that I had questions, and needed clarity that everything was going to run smoothly.

Leading up to the event, Damian was always open to listening to our ideas, and what we envisioned for our night, but also shared his ideas and expertise on what he thought would make for a good and fun-filled party. The night ended up being everything I imagined, and more. Having the perfect mix of songs, Damian managed to have everyone up and dancing, or at least clapping along from the chairs, which was not an easy thing to do considering the high diversity of the crowd attending our special day. He was constantly encouraging feedback from the crowd, and exceeding my expectations in a DJ getting everyone excited and hyped up for the evening.

What I was most impressed with was his perfect amount of humour, charm, and professionalism. It didn't matter if the person was 9 years old, or 90 years old, he made everyone feel important and liked. Not only was he constantly making sure the guests knew their request was important, but he always managed to follow through with playing it, and meanwhile making sure it flowed together perfectly.

It takes an extremely high level of energy and maturity to keep a large crowd intrigued in what you are doing, but Damian was very effective in allowing everyone to experience a fun, and truly uplifting night. There are too many things to name with what a person will comment on after a wedding, but I was struck by how many people commented on how much fun they had during the dance, and how great they thought the DJ was. It was filled with nothing but dancing, excitement, and a room filled with smiling faces.


I had the privilege of working with Damian at the Funky Buddha lounge in Edmonton, Alberta. As a manager, my role consisted of ensuring that my staff and customers were satisfied and that the business was running smoothly. I feel that this would not have been an easy task had it not been for Damian.

Damian was a DJ at the Funky Buddha for many years. He is one of the most incredible DJs I have ever heard and many of our successful nights were as a result of his playlists. Damian has an amazing knack for what people want to hear and his timing and accuracy was close to perfect. Not only did Damian DJ, but he was an innovator and entertainer. He helped us design some of our many themed nights, planned our events for us, and provided the regular customers with chit chat. Damian has a talent for understanding what the consumer wants and his creativity and ambition attributes to this quality. Damian is one of the most imaginative people I know, and easily the best DJ I've known.


On August 30th, 2013, my sister Sarah and I threw a benefit for the TBHS. I would recommend working with Damian Norman to anyone. Not only was he easy to reach he was always quick to respond to any and every question we had. Damian was also very organized and full of helpful suggestions on ways to advertise for our event, things we could do to make are event more successful and he was even right there helping us during the set up of our event. Truly a great guy to work with....thank you Damian for making this such a stress free, successful and fun experience for us!


Damian DJ'd our wedding recently, and did a fantastic job. The guests were dancing all night. We wanted to play a game at our reception and Damian took charge and had the entire room laughing while watching 15 of our guests play. Our wedding ran smoothly and I have him to thank for that. Thank you for doing such an amazing job with entertaining our guests! It was very nice to work with you also, thanks again!

Jennifer & Julian

Hello, this is Katy the bride from the wedding you played for on Friday. I just wanted to send a message to let you know what a great job you did for us and we would like to thank you for that. I never had the chance to say thank you at the end of the night so I figured I'd let you know that. My son Colin also says you were the best DJ ever and he had such a great time dancing all night.

Katy & Matt

We had Damian DJ our wedding on August 27th, 2016 and I can not say enough good things about him. He kept the party going all night, listened to every one of our requests, and made last minute changes like the pro he is. He was on time, very early actually, and kept checking in to make sure we were having a blast. Thank you so much!


Damian was such an asset to us on our wedding day. I have never in my life seen an entire wedding( 100 + people on the dance floor at once), but he made that happen for us! There was no one in their seats! My husband and I had nothing to worry about as he made sure we had such a variety of music playing to adhere to all genres and ages. Damian also emcee'd for us as well and did an amazing job at that as well. Highly recommend him! He was such a pleasure to deal with and made sure it was everything WE wanted! I can't thank him enough for making our special day more than we could have imagined! I would highly recommend Damian as he was so personable, yet very professional.

Dayna & Mike

Damian was our DJ for our wedding last year. He was incredibly professional – punctual, well dressed, courteous and most importantly, let our taste in music be the focus. I had SO many people compliment him to me, and he really took the time to speak to Joe and I and really became a part of the wedding. My most sincere thanks and praises for Damian, as he was an absolute pleasure to have as our DJ. I literally cannot say enough good things about him.

Philip & Joe

Damian was the DJ for our wedding last September, and he did a fantastic job! The party was absolutely amazing and it was largely due to the fantastic music! Daryl and I were beyond thrilled with Damian. The dance floor was never empty and people danced right up to the very end! He played a good mix of music that appealed to the crowd. There was a perfect mix of fast dance songs and slow ones. A bunch of our guests even commented on how great the music selection was. He went above and beyond to make our night memorable, we had so much fun! We could not have been happier!

Emily & Daryl

Nicole and I just wanted to say thank you again for everything. Damian, thanks for being there on our special night! Once we met, Nicole and I felt very comfortable with you as our DJ. I know you had your work cut out for you with our varied crowd, lots of people from 25 to 50 stayed fairly late, but the dance floor was always packed. There were a lot of different tastes to please, and I know there were lots of recommendations. Just know Nicole and I thought you did an awesome job. So thanks again for making our night such a great one to remember


Damian was such a great DJ! Our dance floor was never empty! One of my guests enjoyed him so much she went out of her way to ask me who he was and booked him for her wedding six months later. It was a really great feeling after the wedding hearing from our family and many of our guests how much fun they had and how great the music was! He respected my wishes as a bride (not to play a few specific songs) and he knew how to create an evening of songs suitable to all! I highly recommend him and we would hire him again in a heartbeat!

Mandy & Graham

Damian Norman DJ'd our wedding in February of 2017 and we couldn't be happier with the night he provided for us. For starters, he introduced our wedding party and made a few announcements for us. Damian took the time to find me and the wedding party to make sure he had the announcements correct and even how to properly pronounce everyone's names. The attention to detail and making sure is was all perfect right off the bat was a huge sign for me that we were in for a good night. As the night progressed and we had those special wedding songs (first dances, mother-son dance, garter toss, bouquet toss) Damian made them fun, entertaining and was able to get our guests involved when needed. Lastly, this guy really knows how to read a crowd. I didn't have a super strict list of what to play or not to play, and figured a professional DJ knows how to read his crowd and play music accordingly. My assumption was correct and he kept the dance floor packed ALL night long! To cap it off, he chose the perfect final song so send our guests home, exhausted after a night of dancing & fun. We would recommend Damian & his services to anyone, he was a huge part of the success of our wedding reception!

Ashley & Mike

Damian dj'd our wedding last summer and we could not have been happier with the service. Our invitee list included around 50 children who loved being able to request their own playlist. Damian was patient with each of them, working with them to find some of the craziest songs imaginable. His on-mike personality was engaging and he kept the night moving at a celebratory pace. Being in Red Lake we take a chance hiring talent that we do not know or can meet before the event. We lucked out with Damian as he provided excellent service and we would most definitely invite him back again.

Philip & Jennifer