The DJ

Who We Are

TLE is owned and operated by Thunder Bay's most experienced and versatile DJ, Damian "Dman" Norman. Growing up in Orangeville, Ontario, Damian was always creating and organizing "backyard musical productions" with his school friends. Entertaining others was was always the goal. And with a DJ career which began at a small rollerskating rink in Richmond Hill, Ontario, back in 1985, Damian has entertained hundreds of thousands of people over the years.

From the biggest and hottest nightclubs of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and here in Thunder Bay, to massive full moon parties on Grand Cayman Island where he lived for 5 years, Damian's done it all. He's hosted, DJ'd and MC'd hundreds of Wedding Shows, Fashion Shows, Car Shows, Music Festivals, Fundraisers, Charity Events and Private Parties, and has extensive on air radio experience. He even applied for the DJ position on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Damian is also proud to be the only DJ in town who has spun records in a submarine, performed at numerous fairytale weddings on Caribbean beaches, and directed 250 person conga lines through hotel parking lots.

His music knowledge is unparalleled, his ability to weave in and out of different genres is remarkable, and his personable character and ability to read a crowd is what has made him one of the most sought after DJs/MCs in Canada.